Shout out to the Mini

October 20, 2015

Everyone has heard the old saying that goes "Big things come in Small packages" and this holds true for this striped mini dress. These tiny dresses are the latest rage and the length is the only thing that is minimal.  This Chic List mini dress has a flare sleeve, and a touch of flare at the hem that adds a big punch of style. Continue Reading →

Six ways to wear a blanket scarf

October 13, 2015

Blanket Scarves are all the rage and we don't want you to miss out on some of the most stylish ways to wear them this season.   There are your everyday scarves and then there are blanket scarves.  Blanket scarves are the over sized version of the standard scarves and are so cozy they could actually be used as a blanket. Shown below are the following ways to style your super cozy comfy blanket scarf.  1. Shawl (Fold the square into a half triangle and drape over your body like a shawl) 2. Handkerchief (this is similar to a classic drape but you want to tuck the loose ends in with a loose knot.  Fold the scarf into a half triangle... Continue Reading →


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