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Dorm Room Decor Tips

Dorm Room Decor Tips

     We want to make it as easy as possible to move into your new dorm, apartment, house, ect. The transition can often be difficult to adjust too, but hopefully these tips will take a weight off your shoulders and keep your new crib stylish. 

     Most of the time, after recently moving, the budget for decorating is low. We have put together some ideas that cost little but make a big statement. 











     This is one of our favorite arrangements. There is a perfect balance of modern and vintage. The retro pink chair is one of our most loved pieces of furniture in the store. The light pink has been such a big color this season and we doubt it will go out anytime soon. The chair can be bought in store. The throw has a super cute tribal print and would be a great contrast piece for any color scheme. It also comes in blue, both colors can be bought in store.

     Did you notice that piece we turned over and used as a side table? You're right, it is an antique galvanized crate. We have several that we sell in store. It works great because it takes up little room or can also be used as storage. Placed on top is everyone's favorite, Capri Blue candle, in the new pink container. We also added some very trendy marble journals that make homework a little more acceptable. As fillers, we love tiny vases and faux succulents. (Because who has time to keep live plants..)  Everything placed on the side table can be purchased online and in store. 












      Remember the cute pink chair up above? Well, we have TWO cute pink chairs! We can't get over the statement they make, its adorable. We paired it with a dark teal pillow for a contrast. Both pieces can be bought in store. The clear hanging terrarium has been very popular. We filled it with faux moss but also suggest putting succulents or a vine inside. It it perfect for a modern and minimalist piece of decor. The terrarium and decorative bowls can both be bought online and in store. 


     Make your dorm feel like home by using these tips. We are located at 414 E. 3rd. St. Grove, OK. You can also call to order, or ask us questions about the furniture featured in this blog. 918-787-6900. Please comment what you think about our ideas and share tips of your own!


The Muddy Pearl Girls

August 10, 2017 — Hannah Apperson
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In Defense Of "Throwing On A Tee"

     Here at The Muddy Pearl, we are all for comfort. We love the idea of being able to throw on a tee and still look super cute. If you do too, you're in luck. We just launched two brand new striped tees. The one above is the "Bold Stripes" top. It can be found online and in store! The best part is... it is only $22! 

     One of the many things we love about these two tops is the neck line border on both! It adds just that little something to top it off. If you aren't crazy about bold colors, this black and white number is perfect for you. Get the "Easy Living Tee" for $25!


     For the days when the kids have extra energy, college assignments are due, or you stayed up late binge watching Netflix, grab either of these tees. We love paring it with a pair of cutoffs or jeans. It really is that easy. 

P.S. we offer FREE shipping on all clothes and accessories in the U.S. 


The Muddy Pearl Girls

June 30, 2017 — Hannah Apperson


Ready for some fun in the sun?

Whether you are going for a long walk on the beach, enjoy the sunset on a date at the beach or just spend a lazy day at the water – it is time to start planning your perfect summer outfit.

#1 One-of-a-kind Romper

Rompers have been all the rage recently. This soft colored romper is perfect to wear over your bikini, easy to wear and fast to take off in case you can’t wait to jump in the water. It is super comfortable and its light fabric keeps you cool all day long.

Its versatile style and affordable price at $24.00 makes it the perfect outfit for a day or night on your summer vacation.

Color Crush Romper

#2 Cute Beach Style Accessorize

To complete your outfit, this leather bracelet from Xander is just perfect! Together with the leather earrings, also from Xander, it rounds off your outfit. Xander is available only in store at the moment, but just contact us! The jewelry is available in different colors and styles, perfect for your summer beach get away! Works perfectly with a tan, too. 





June 05, 2017 — Hannah Apperson



I LOVE THIS PIE! You want to know why? Because it so fruity, so simple and not as sweet as all the usual cakes you buy in the store. The apples make it a healthy, juicy and tasty threat.

I made this cake for Mother’s Day and the whole family loved it. That is why I want to share this recipe with you today.



For the dough:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2.4 cups flour (325 gr)
  • 1.3 cups sugar, if you like it sweeter, add a little more (300 g)
  • 1 cup plain yogurt (250 gr)
  • 1 cup oil
  • 0.6 cups chopped walnuts (100 gr)
  • 4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 4 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • Pinch of fine salt

For the coating:

  • 3 medium apples
  • 2 teaspoon melted butter

After baking (you may also leave the pie plain, without adding jelly and powdered sugar):

  • 2-3 tbsp. apricot marmalade
  • Some powdered sugar


Take a larger bowl and whisk the eggs, then add the sugar, the salt and the vanilla sugar. Mix all together well and fold in the oil. Afterwards add the yogurt and mix it again. Then put the bowl beside for a second.

Take a smaller bowl with the walnuts and give 3 teaspoons of the flour to it, mix. This is an old secret and prevents that the walnuts sink to the ground when baking. 😊

Then I take the rest of the flour in a separate bowl and add the baking powder. Mix again. Sometimes, I also add a little cinnamon to this.

Now, I add the flour and the walnuts to the though and fold it in. Grease the springform pan, sprinkle a little flour and pour in the though.

It is time for the coating. Peel, core and quarters the apples. Then slice each quarter lengthwise without cutting all the way through to the core side, leaving the quarter hinged together. When finished, spread apples on the though. Melt a little butter and spread over apples and though.

Preheat the oven to 340 degrees and bake for 45 minutes. It might take a little longer, just make the toothpick test, to see if the cake is done.

After baking, I melt the apricot marmalade and spread over the cake. Let the cake cool down to room temperature and sprinkle some powdered sugar over it.



May 30, 2017 — Abby Sumter


Quality time. No work, no studying, no emails. Being in the nature, endless landscapesto be honest. Is there anything more lovely and relaxing than spending the day in a romantic park, out on the lake or at the ocean? Have a barbecue, spend the day sunbathing & listen to some music. This combination makes the perfect day. Being out in the nature is the daily cherry on the pie for me. Spending time with family and friends and living in the moment. Last weekend, I got to spend time with some friends out on Circle R Farms in Northeastern Oklahoma. The farmers baled hay on this day and the landscape seemed more beautiful and endless than someone could ever imagine.



We climbed up the hay bales and jumped down in our new outfits from The Muddy Pearl. The rust color of the dress reflected in the sun and the super comfortable fabric allowed it to even ride the farms pretty horses in it. We left our shoes in the truck and walked barefoot all day. Feeling the soft grass under your feet is one of the best feelings in the world! Dont you agree?! 😊  

After riding horses, we decided it would be nice to go down to the creek, cool off a little, have a bonfire and grill some hotdogs before it gets dark. The creeks cold water felt so refreshing and we could feel the little fish nibbling on our legs. All the clothes we wore throughout the day are from The Muddy Pearls newest collection and are available online and in store.  


This day was full of great adventures, good weather, nature, fun and pure joy. It reminded us that we need to get out of the city more often, enjoy the nature & get closer to the things we love.  

May 15, 2017 — Abby Sumter
Florals and Frills

Florals and Frills

Florals and Frills

Let’s talk about spring colors for a bit. We love seeing them everywhere, but what about our wardrobe? I will be the first to admit, I love neutrals. Even though we have the coolest clothing store, I tend to buy all the cute black, beige, and neutral pieces that we get in. I just can’t help myself, lol.  Every Night I stand in my closet and think hmmmm, I have got to add some color up in this place. Well I have decided; Spring colors are a great place to start. I love the pastels, and feminine floral prints that I see. They have such a modern vintage classic look all rolled up into one great style.  This week, I am introducing two new pieces to my closet, I think they are going to get along perfectly.

Crochet Floral Cami

I absolutely love the details in this cami.  From the pastel robins egg color, floral print, to the crochet detail on the back, this top is Spring and Summer perfection.  Whether you wear this top with your favorite skinny jeans, or cut offs, this cami is going to be a go to.

Jill Ruffled Dress

The fit of this dress is classic, but the gorgeous mint color and ruffled details on the shoulders gives this dress a modern take. Pair this dress with cute sandals or heels, and play with accessories to make this look your own.


So no matter how much you love neutrals, which is probably as much as I do, go ahead and add some colors of the rainbow. Trust me you are going to look gorgeous in the Spring hues. Also, you can get both of these items for less than $100.00, and that makes me smile.

 Stop by the store and find your favorite color and look, or shop online. Remember we always have Free Shipping on all clothes and accessories.  Home items ship for a flat rate of $7.00

Much Love,

Abby Sumter and The Muddy Pearl Girls

April 07, 2017 — Abby Sumter
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All about Spring

All about Spring

Spring is in Full Bloom here in Oklahoma and we couldn't be more excited.  This is the time of year that we watch nature around us come back to life in the most beautiful way.  And it has this blissful way of causing us to regroup and want to join in on the fun.  We can always start adding décor in the house and around the house, but come on, Spring has this swooning way of drawing us to all the pretty hues that we want to bring to our wardrobes too.


Let's start with Dresses. Adding a new dress for the season, is easy, especially when you find a dress that is not only a perfect color for the season, but also can be worn for many occasions.  Right now we are loving the  Lima Tie-Waist Dress. This dress is not only cute, but the comfort that comes with it, is unmatched.  The Lima dress is great for work, dates, and the Mom life !


We all want those tops that are staple pieces, the tops that are great now, but can also be carried over to the next season.  That's why we love the Leland Embroidered Blouse. Pastels are naturally, a must have for Spring and the blush color of this top is perfect.  The detail of the embroidered / cut outs are not only eye catching, but they bring that feminine classy touch that makes this top a must have.


We are girls, so naturally we want new Spring Shoes, right!  I know I'm not the only one that love shoes. And I want a pair that can be worn with anything. That's why my pick is The Archer Sandal. This cute taupe sandal features a braided detail that makes me smile! The price also makes me pretty happy too :) This sandal can be worn with dresses, jeans, and shorts, it's pretty much perfect in our books.

We can't do a Spring post without showing a couple of pictures of Blooms at their Best, so here is my favorite Red Bud that is in full bloom in my backyard.

We hope this post inspires your spring wardrobe. Stop by the store and let the shop girls help you find your perfect fit and look for the season, or shop online at home in your pajamas. :) just click on the links to purchase the listed items. Until next time...

Much Love,

Abby Sumter and The Muddy Pearl Girls




April 04, 2017 — Abby Sumter
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DIY Spring Florals for your home and office

Simple Spring Decor

Simple Spring décor that is sure to put a smile on your face

Yesterday we were gathered around the Christmas Tree and.....well it seems that way.   The seasons are coming and going so quickly and just like that, Spring is right around the corner.  At the first hint of spring, I am ready to start changing things up and adding new décor to the house.  To celebrate the upcoming season, I decided to kick things off by bringing nature in and getting ready for spring in the simplest way.

Here is what you will need:

1. Your favorite jar, vase, or pot
2.Wild Spring flowers (or stop by the store and grab some)
3. Fresh Greens for fillers
4. Water
Yes, it is actually this easy :)

Tips and Ideas:

Have fun and be creative and place anywhere. Fresh flowers are a perfect way to add spring and a smile to your home.
This project actually had the whole family involved, from my husband bringing home the flowers to the kids helping cut branches from outside to add as the fillers.
This Mama's motto is "simple fun is the best fun" and this DIY project is exactly that!

Until next time:

Thanks for reading and we hope this blog will give you some fresh ideas for your own home or office.  Let us know how you DIY your own Spring arrangement by tagging us @themuddypearl and #mymuddypearl.
Much Love,
February 28, 2017 — Abby Sumter
On Trend: Off the Shoulder

On Trend: Off the Shoulder

Happy Tuesday!  Todays look is all about one of our favorite trends, the off the shoulder style.  This is one look that has been around for many years and hopefully will continue to make its appearance.  Whether you choose a solid off the shoulder or a ruffled one, the overall look will be perfect!  The best thing about the off the shoulder top is that you can pair it with pencil skirts, midi skirts, slacks, shorts, or your favorite denim.  This top is so versatile and it isn't limited to a night out, just add a chic jacket and a pair of heels for work. 

We actually have had a pretty mild winter so far, and for this blog post, we were blessed with sunshine and warmer temps. So we chose to pair this tan ruffled Amiee Off the Shoulder top with the Slashed Knee Skinny Jeans in black .    We love the feminine yet edgy look this style has. 


Thanks so much for visiting The Muddy Pearl Blog!

Much Love,

Abby , Terra , and Carol

January 17, 2017 — Abby Sumter
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Trending: Crushed Velvet with a Twist

Trending: Crushed Velvet with a Twist

Hey everyone! We are so excited about this post because we are styling a few of our favorite fashion pieces into one edgy chic look.  And what makes this look even better... this style is quite affordable! We love fashion forward pieces that are just plain cool, and this look nails it.  We started with the Patton Velvet Tank ($35.00) in Powder Pink, and teamed it with the Isabelle Bomber Jacket ($42.00) in Charcoal. We are suckers for a  good feminine basic and this pink cami is perfect alone or layered like we have done with this look, because who doesn't love a crushed velvet cami in the prettiest pink?!  When we paired the cami and jacket with our black slashed knee skinny jeans ($49.00) this simple but edgy look just got real chic and all at an affordable price. In all honesty, these are my favorite pair of jeans right now, and I wear them on repeat.

To finish off this look, we added the aviator sunglasses ($10.00 ) and necklace available in store.  Our model Hannah wore her own booties. You can find them here from BORN .

Thank you so much for reading The Muddy Pearl Blog, all opinions are our own. Pictures by Abby Sumter

Stop by the store if you are local, we love to see your faces. If you can't make it in, shop online where you can also shop our Instagram feed on our home page. Don't forget to tag us in your favorite pieces using #tmplove to be featured.

Until next time, much love from the muddy pearl girls.

Abby , Terra ,  and Carol

JOHN 3:16



January 09, 2017 — Abby Sumter