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Dorm Room Decor Tips

     We want to make it as easy as possible to move into your new dorm, apartment, house, ect. The transition can often be difficult to adjust too, but hopefully these tips will take a weight off your shoulders and keep your new crib stylish. 

     Most of the time, after recently moving, the budget for decorating is low. We have put together some ideas that cost little but make a big statement. 











     This is one of our favorite arrangements. There is a perfect balance of modern and vintage. The retro pink chair is one of our most loved pieces of furniture in the store. The light pink has been such a big color this season and we doubt it will go out anytime soon. The chair can be bought in store. The throw has a super cute tribal print and would be a great contrast piece for any color scheme. It also comes in blue, both colors can be bought in store.

     Did you notice that piece we turned over and used as a side table? You're right, it is an antique galvanized crate. We have several that we sell in store. It works great because it takes up little room or can also be used as storage. Placed on top is everyone's favorite, Capri Blue candle, in the new pink container. We also added some very trendy marble journals that make homework a little more acceptable. As fillers, we love tiny vases and faux succulents. (Because who has time to keep live plants..)  Everything placed on the side table can be purchased online and in store. 












      Remember the cute pink chair up above? Well, we have TWO cute pink chairs! We can't get over the statement they make, its adorable. We paired it with a dark teal pillow for a contrast. Both pieces can be bought in store. The clear hanging terrarium has been very popular. We filled it with faux moss but also suggest putting succulents or a vine inside. It it perfect for a modern and minimalist piece of decor. The terrarium and decorative bowls can both be bought online and in store. 


     Make your dorm feel like home by using these tips. We are located at 414 E. 3rd. St. Grove, OK. You can also call to order, or ask us questions about the furniture featured in this blog. 918-787-6900. Please comment what you think about our ideas and share tips of your own!


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