Grove, OK

Quality time. No work, no studying, no emails. Being in the nature, endless landscapesto be honest. Is there anything more lovely and relaxing than spending the day in a romantic park, out on the lake or at the ocean? Have a barbecue, spend the day sunbathing & listen to some music. This combination makes the perfect day. Being out in the nature is the daily cherry on the pie for me. Spending time with family and friends and living in the moment. Last weekend, I got to spend time with some friends out on Circle R Farms in Northeastern Oklahoma. The farmers baled hay on this day and the landscape seemed more beautiful and endless than someone could ever imagine.



We climbed up the hay bales and jumped down in our new outfits from The Muddy Pearl. The rust color of the dress reflected in the sun and the super comfortable fabric allowed it to even ride the farms pretty horses in it. We left our shoes in the truck and walked barefoot all day. Feeling the soft grass under your feet is one of the best feelings in the world! Dont you agree?! 😊  

After riding horses, we decided it would be nice to go down to the creek, cool off a little, have a bonfire and grill some hotdogs before it gets dark. The creeks cold water felt so refreshing and we could feel the little fish nibbling on our legs. All the clothes we wore throughout the day are from The Muddy Pearls newest collection and are available online and in store.  


This day was full of great adventures, good weather, nature, fun and pure joy. It reminded us that we need to get out of the city more often, enjoy the nature & get closer to the things we love.  

May 15, 2017 — Abby Sumter



Carol said:

My favorite place in the whole world!

Melissa Roan

Melissa Roan said:

Beautiful pics, can’t wait to visit Oklahoma this summer. I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, and maybe a some new summer outfits from the Muddy Pearl….

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