Grove, OK
Established in 2012
The Muddy Pearl is a treasure, and her customer knows her own value and worth.
   She is confident in creating her own unique style among a "sea of options".  She knows the value of transforming her house into a home and making her style her own.
~ The Muddy Pearl Woman enjoys fashion, but is way too busy chasing life to chase the latest trends.  Whether our customer is looking  for a modern, yet modest look for herself, or searching for that new urban piece or gathered goods item for the home, she is sure to find her pieces here. 
~ The Muddy Pearl is family owned and operated, (a mom and her two daughters) who all know first hand the busy life of marriage, motherhood, and all of the other joys that go along with being a woman. That is why they feel the need to bring classic, timeless styles that will be "go to pieces" for life's many occasions and many seasons, not just today.
~The styles you will find here, at The Muddy Pearl, will suit the boho chic, delicate & feminine, modern mom, timeless & classic, and casual personalities.
We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us and always know how much we appreciate you!
Much Love,
Carol, Terra, and Abby